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SOS On-The-Go

You can't be everywhere at once. But we can! The Mini X is here to give you peace of mind when mom goes on a walk or for when dad's tinkering in the shed.

Our Mission

We’re here to inspire independence with peace of mind for today’s aging generation to get the most from life.

Your Lifeline in Emergencies

• Easy-to-press emergency button
• Notifies friends and family
• Includes automatic fall detection
• GPS location tracking
• Dispatch emergency response
• Discreet look and comfortable

Fall Detection

• Around the clock protection
• Immediate assistance
• Location tracking
• Automatic response

Mobile App

• Location map
• Step counter
• First-motion alert
• SOS alert
• Battery monitor
• Track daily activity

From the people

Everywhere You Go

Feel the Confidence of Safety

Receive immediate attention in the event of fall while you're in your home or headed out the door.

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