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How to Add or Replace Wireless Buttons

Program Wireless Buttons

How to Replace Batteries

Replace Batteries in the Base

Replace Wireless Buttons

How the Responder Accepts the Call

Accepting the Call

How to Program New or Replace Phone Numbers into the System

Program Phone Numbers

Pressing 5 to Accept the Call Is Not Working

Accepting The Call

Answering Machines

Answering Machines

I Have Cable Phone or VOIP Phone

Cable or VOIP Phone

Button Causing False Alarms

False Alarms

How To Record Your Help Message

Record Help Message

Can I Program 911 as a Responder On My System

Can I Program 911 as a Responder

Are the Buttons Waterproof

Model A-100, A-110, A-120

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Monitored Systems

Caregiver Pager Alerts